When light brushes

imageI was born to the name Rebecca, I generally go by Becky but you all can call me Rebel B. 26 years of age. Thriver of knowledge, assigned the job to bring up respectful and loving tiny humans.


Landon Thomas is 2.5, he can be the absolute most well mannered, polite, kind and considerate child you could encounter. Then there’s the bad days, you’ll learn more about that later. See, Landon had a severe adverse reaction to DTAP at 16 months old and it’s been a struggle since but we won’t get too deep into that now.

Then there’s my almost 15 month old Ella Mar Ophelia. She’s an absolute Angel. Exclusively breastfed, happy, healthy and thriving .

I’ve been married for 2 years to a man I’ve been in love with for almost 9 years. He’s my rock, my bestfriend. He’s the one person that stands behind me no matter what, supports my crazy ideas and ventures. He listens, he understands and he loves. He’s a phenomenal father.

myself, I’m a natural mama bound to earth Truther. I have a strong tongue that need not be tamed when spreading knowledge and the inside of my head. I have a heart that could change your day. I have a mind that is continuously on the go and I’m learning to slow it down. I’m learning to be the most authentic and honest self that I can be. Spitfire and all.

Disclaimer: Some things I may post here may not be for you, but they are me. They are for me. They are important to me. It is important to me to share my journey open and bona fide with my readers and my community.

Light & love

Rebel B


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