Real life: there’s shit all over my floor & I’m not cleaning it


Theres shit all over my floor & I’m not cleaning it. This shit has been on my floor all day and I have not had the semblance of a desire to clean it. This isn’t even all of it, my kitchen floor is covered in remnants of random food,  homemade dog food while I quickly made it and got it into the crockpot, while shoveling sautéed kale in my mouth while wearing & nursing my daughter to sleep. so yes, there’s also piece of sautéed kale on my floor as well. There’s also a random spoon, I’m not sure where that came from but it’s there.

I’m having one of those days where my son was attached to his father this morning and didn’t want him to leave for work, complete emotion overload for him. So then it led to everything else being rough and tough and we got a quick break when his uncle came to play with him and then right back to having a hard time. It was one of those days where he decided 430 was a sufficient time to nap. Do you know what it means when a toddler naps at 430? I hope you don’t. It means a late night and it’s commonly associated with a cranky evening, not always so pray for us.

See, we switched our son to a vegan diet and he’s naturally detoxing again which is good in a whole (I’ll explain the need for Landons detox in another post, on another day) and it’s been rough to say the least.

Its been a while since he abruptly woke up from his nap, drenched in sweat, cinching, screaming and in blatant pain. It’s been a long while since this has happened since we’ve gotten his gastrointestinal issues under control. Well, he woke up abruptly tonight, it’s scary when your child is in such pain and inconsolable and a shrieking scream and there’s nothing you can do. To see you’re child in absolute pain and there’s nothing  you can do, it would break any mothers heart. So I’ve decided that this shit can sit on my fucking floor and instead I’m going to enjoy dinner with my adorable children. (Yeah I took a mental dip to write this, forgive me, I was drawn to be open and honest)

funny moment of the evening, i decided there was no time for me or energy to invest in cooking a full and vibrant meal so I decided on brown rice pasta (yes; were gluten free) and sauce, while I was getting this all ready and quickly loading my dish washer (go me?) I turn around to my toddler, who devoured half of an avocado… by ripping a whole and eating with his fingers. At least he makes healthy food choices?


moral of of the story: my real life sucks sometimes too, I have bad days too, I’m not super mom and sometimes I barely got this shit under control but one thing I do know is, I do the best by my children and I’m just happy so happy he’s calmed down and he’s splashing and digging around in my plate. Better go eat it before that ends up on the floor too.

Light & love,

Rebel B



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