Organic groceries on my door step!! Say what?!


Yes, you read that right. Every Friday I get organic produce delivered to my doorstep, actually today the  delivery guy brought my boxes in my house for me. Awesome! It’s a rainy day, my two children are roaming about and my dog started to bark. This is my third week recieving a delivery with door to door organics and I haven’t been let down yet. Awesome, fresh produce and my son LOVES opening the boxes and looking for his favorite produce! Thinking maybe we should do some door to door organic box reviews for YouTube! Teaching children to make healthy eating habits through mainstream technology 😉

Today, he looked for broccoli which wasn’t in the box, he stole an apple instead. Yes, I washed it. We don’t get down with pesticides here! 🙅🏻

On that note I have to say, having our groceries delivered to our door is another exciting way to implement healthy eating habits with your young ones and get them stoked about the groceries coming, my son has shown much more interest in groceries since we started this delivery service, which is great since we are all mainly on a raw vegan diet.

For me, it’s just like Christmas. As your health freak who is totally against supporting corporations and GMO foods it makes me feel good to support a company that not only makes my life easier as a mother by saving me an interesting trip with loads of stares (between My free range toddler and my boob loving daughter) and possible meltdowns, door to door organics picks awesome produce, ALL organic and a lot can be local. So I’m also supporting my local farmers in the meantime and that to me is extremely important!

My baskets are loaded, my fridge is loaded and all under 60$! I can’t complain! Want to give door to door organics a try? Drop your email in the comment section and I’ll send you an invite for $15 off your first order!


Light & love,

Rebel B


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