It’s Mother’s Day and there’s a block container over my head.

It’s Mother’s Day and there’s a block container on my head.


As I have this block container over my head, I ask myself this question…

What do I want for Mother’s Day?

Hmm.. That’s a pretty simple answer for me. It’s not a massage, chocolate or flowers. No fancy lunch here. No extravagant gift like a Michael kors bag or Gucci sunglasses (not my style anyways). See most mothers really like gifts, understandably so. We all work hard as mothers and do the best we can and it is exhausting. Behind closed doors our lives are much more tasking then you can imagine and that goes hand in hand with stay at home and working mothers. See, we as mothers deserve a lot of things. We do.

This year, I see a lot of mothers asking for one thing. Peace and quiet. Again, understandably so and forgive my next statement of opinion and personal choice but GIVE ME ALL THE NOISE TODAY. Give me all the mess. Give me all the no naps, throw your food, and all the loudness you can offer kiddos. What I want for mothers day? These kids! My two wonderful vibrant little humans. I want every moment with them today, perfect and hard. Just as they can be.


See, as much as I’m seeing the post on social media regarding the mothers who want peace and quiet or odd random things. I’m also seeing the post of the mothers who just want their babies here, the ones who struggle with infertility, the loss of a child, in utero, as an infant and as an adult. I see the post and my heart hurts, here we have at least millions of mothers who want material objects and you have so many more that all they want is their babies with them today.


So today, I take this to heart. I take my day on with gratefulness and grace. I take it on as a gentle loving mother who if my child wants to put his block cylinder container over my head for whatever reason, I’m gonna let him. I’ll hold both my babies as one wants me and the other realizes and gets jealous (our daughter is a stage five clinger😉)

ill take this day on with everything I got because if it weren’t for them, my job as a mother would cease to exist. If it weren’t for them, my heart would have never understood what it truly means to be needed, unconditionally love and have tiny little humans who depend on ME! I have this beautiful journey and opportunity to have these two here with me. I have two tiny little humans, I have them and I am so thankful.

So today, I’m here. As a normal day but with as much patience as I have. I’ll live my day normally because everyday to me, is Mother’s Day.



Light & love,

Rebel B



2 thoughts on “It’s Mother’s Day and there’s a block container over my head.”

  1. Awesome job sister and yes I want peace and quiet and my Gucci sunglasses (I know that was for me..haha) but I would not trade this noisy day for it ever! Even though the twins are tossing game pieces from several games around the living room and I am stepping on them all over the house and my 13 yr old daughter is still sleeping because she kicked butt yesterday in her 9hour dance competition and my son who actually made me breakfast!!,..I know that I am the older sister but I always look up to u..You are a great inspiration for all mothers out there!! Our dad would be so extrememly proud of the mother u have become just as I am of you! .I love you!! And I love your little humans like my own!!!


  2. I love you my dearest and eldest sister. I could not be more proud of the mother you ARE, through all your trials and triumphs. You always take things as they come and have emotionally conquered more then I could imagine. You always stand by me no matter what, as I you. I love you to the moon & back. To infinity & beyond.

    And the kids of course! Kisses from us 😘😘 enjoy your peace and quiet. You deserve it.


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