Raw vegan parmesan cheese

Raw vegan Parmesan cheese

YES, cheese! EFFIN cheese! So here we have this awesome 3 ingredient raw vegan Parmesan cheese. Before I switched to vegan, Parmesan cheese was an imperative part of my pasta! IMPERATIVE and it just so happens to be what we’re having for dinner.
Well, after many months closely paying attention to my body I learned how much diary has an extremely negative effect on my body and increases inflammation. Living with chronic pain is not fun by any means (I’ve been pain free for over three weeks now 🙌🏻) You can find more information on the dangers of dairy here (
So, I had to make the executive choice to give it up for the better good of myself and my overall wellness. I normally avoid cheese alternatives, I’m not really a big fan of processed items either so making my own is definitely my best choice.

When I decided to do the raw mama 3 day raw vegan challenge (you can find her here at So one of the first things she shared with us was a vegan Parmesan cheese recipe! I actually couldn’t locate that specific recipe so I found a base recipe and altered to my liking! It must be delicious because my two year old ate some by the spoonful!

So here we go..
This is what you’ll need


1 cup of cashews
1 tbsp of nutritional yeast (I did just under)
1/2 tsp of salt (I used pink salt and a little more then 1/2 tsp.
1/2 tsp of garlic powder
1 blender (vitamix, nutribullet, ninja etc)
1 glass seal tight container (helps keep it fresh longer)

Blend it on pulse until a fine consistency and enjoy!

imageWe enjoyed it over gluten free spaghetti and homemade sauce! Someday soon I’ll share my sauce recipe. My husband LOVES it.



Light & love,

Rebel B



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