Food delights, Vegan

Vegan nachos!


Thats right vegan nachos WITH nacho cheese! So cool right?

I’ve been craving nachos for DAYS. I’m so happy we finally threw this together and that’s exactly what we did.

My husband helped by making the rainbow salsa and guacomole and I started working on the nacho cheese!

I’m sure you are curious how i made it and I am certainly going to share but first I’ll say, I looked up a way to do it and threw my own spices together so bear with me.


• 2 large carrots

•2 medium potatoes

•1/3 cup of water

•1/3 cup of olive oil

•1 1/2 tsp of salt

•nutritional yeast to taste (I’m a little weird about nutritional yeast so less is more for me)

•pinch of cayenne

add to taste

•garlic powder

•onion powder




start by peeling and chopping clean potato, clean and chop carrots and add to boiling water and keep at a rapid boil till soft, then add everything to a blender/food processor and spice to taste!

So the nacho cheese was probably the most complicated part and it wasn’t all that complicated, boiling and blending does all the work for itself!

So we chose blue corn tortilla chips (non gmo and gluten free), actually our toddler chose them but hey, they were chosen. We added cucumber, rainbow salsa, guacomole and nacho cheese and we devoured them! It was Soo amazing! See, vegan isn’t so bad?

It was also nice to know we were getting loads of veggies in our dinner and into our kids!


What at did you have for dinner? What’s your favorite vegan meal?


Light &Love,

Rebel B


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