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Fancy little dinner

ssquash finished.PNG

Good evening my beautiful readers. My husband and I seldom ever get real time alone let alone go on a date so In the middle of the day I had been starting to think about dinner with the knowledge of the fact that I had a spaghetti squash, apricots and leftover homemade sauce that needed to be used. So here I present to you our fancy little dinner.

So I guess my effort should be followed with a small back story. between the last full moon and multiple planets in retrograde my husband and I realized how imperative It was for us to reconnect and support our body on a much deeper level on a conscious and daily effort. see, when you have two toddlers under three our days can be rather tasking. Im home with the kids and hes at work 80% of our waking hours so between work and kids, we aren’t left with much time to each other. So with a little extra effort we have been spending nights binge watching episodes of the show ‘Weeds’ on showtime. So I decided after his long day of work, I wanted to make him a nice dinner. He went Raw Vegan the entire day so he most certainly deserves a nice little home cooked meal from yours truly. According to him Im a five star vegan chef, so lets see how this one goes.

Without further ado, our dinner for this evening will be a roasted spaghetti squash with broccoli and homemade sauce topped with raw parmesan cheese.recipe here. With a side of Kale & Sunflower salad topped with roasted apricots. I’ve never made apricots before they have them on sale on my weekly door to door organic box review. Drop your email in the comment section below to see if they deliver to your area and for a $15 off your first order. ymmy organic groceries delivered to your door, what could be better? grocery delivery are a mamas bestfriend.image

so here we go

this is what youll need.

1 spaghetti squash

1-2 cups of homemade tomato sauce

1 cup sautéed broccoli



olive oil

so begin my cutting your squash in half and getting all the guts out.


next youll want to drizzle olive oil and spice with salt and pepper


then we will put it in the over at 400 degress for 45 minutes. followed by cooling for 10mins. while this is cooling, steam your broccoli. next, youll shread the roasted squash with a spoon. youll empty out the entire spaghetti squash and toss with steamed broccoli in a bowl, then put your mixture back inside the spaghetti squash shell and top with homemade tomato sauce And that’s your main dish.

ssquash finished


next is our salad, we had packaged organic Kale that was perfect for salads. I currently have three different kinds/styles of kale in my fridge.

what youll need for this salad

a bunch of kale (im a kale addict for that’s a decent amount)

raw sunflower seeds

6 apricots

half of a large carrot

olive oil

apple cider vinegar

spices (I used salt, pepper parsley)

first youll begin by roasting your apricots

halved, deseeded and on a tray with parchment paper for 15 mins (until soft) at 425 degrees. next youll shred your carrot over your kale and add sunflower seeds while you wait for the apricots to finish roasting and place over salad when finished, topped with olive oil, vinegar and spices. we add separately because my husband doesn’t normally use any type of dressing.

kale salad.PNG


and there you have our fancy little dinner followed with wine glasses of kombucha to help support healthy digestion.


Light & Love

Rebel B




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