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Respectable Unprocessed Children

Respectable Unprocessed children. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I compare to my own upbringing in a public school system and under the beliefs of my parents. While I would have preferred to have been a homeschool student, my parents were phenomenal parents. There were a few things that could have assisted me in growing but due to their own beliefs, it put them in a position to impose their beliefs upon myself. My mind has always been one to wander, think outside of the box and question everything. That is just me, who I am and who I will always be. That is one thing I absolutely adore about myself but minds like mine are a scary thing for our society now a days. No ones allowed to ask questions, you are automatically conditioned to believe whatever it is they need you to belief, whether it be that public schooling is the best route for your child to succeed or that its unsafe for you to sleep with your child. While you may have differing opinions then myself or somehow think that because your children have become successful in your eyes and that you weren’t conditioned, that’s okay. You are not awake to how the entire system works but for those that are opening your eyes and questioning what is going on in the world, questioning what they are telling us and what they are telling your children the second they walk through those doors on kindergarden morning this may resonate within you. So I generally don’t have time to read entire books. So I tend to just pick something up and see where my spirit guides me that I should go. An important thing to me, is always filling my head with knowledge and continue to grow in the topics that interest me. One topic that’s been very important to me is homeschooling. More and more unschooling looks like the route to which at least our 2.5 year son currently learns best by, while I am unsure this is how it will always be that’s how it is now, so I enjoy to fill my head with knowledge that will help me, help him.

So one of my favorite books on the topic that was actually referred to me by a dear friend is ‘The Unprocessed child’ by Valerie Fitzenreiter. which you can find HERE for roughly $3.

I Decided to read on the chapter that covers Friendship. It begins with this quote

“She discovered with great delight that one does not love one’s children just because they are one’s children but because of the friendship formed while raising them”

This resounds within me. I was raised by two wonderful parents, my father and my step mother.  My biological mother wasn’t present for a very large and imperative part of my life. So, since my step mother was active through those years we now carry and extremely strong connection and friendship. Even after my father passed,  I more so feel even closer to her now and for that relationship I am entirely thankful. so giving a short backround of myself, im sure you can feel how personally important it is that I bring my children up in a home that not only am I their parent, I am their friend. we are so conditioned to believe otherwise, that we are the boss of our children and that’s not entirely so. we are responsible for our children, responsible to bring them up and send them out into the world as kind, loving, generous and honest people that respects themselves and respects others. It seems those same people are the ones that will tell you respect is earned not given, but I don’t think that’s so. I can easily lose respect for someone BUT I was raised to respect everyone and THAT is a large part of what our children are missing now, respect. They are not respected as human beings. They are not taught respect, in order for a child to understand respect, it must be giving to them and shown what respect is. I always find that without respect, there is no relationship. There must be a level of respect for our children, as they are, growing humans and coming into themselves. I believe respect is a large foundation to which parenting may lay. We are entirely conditioned to believe other wise, it is not true that we have to spank or be “the boss” of our children in order to bring up respectable humans being. How do we raise up respectable human beings if we don’t show them what it means to be respected, respect them and teach them to respect others. Think about it, im just trying to open some minds and I hope this resonates within you. Im trying to bring up children the opposite of that which society is teaching them to be. I want to bring up children who question everything and think for themselves. I want my children to be like my food, unprocessed.

Light & Love,

Rebel B

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