How we do taco Tuesday


Let me start by saying how much We love taco Tuesday. We love taco Tuesday enough that everyday could be taco Tuesday. Literally everyday. We could live on Mexican food. Tacos, taco salads, burritos, just give them all to me.

So when I began my vegan journey, one of the things I was stumped on was tacos. We loved having taco Tuesday, the babes love taco Tuesday. Taco Tuesday is a total hit in our house. Lucky for us The raw mama had a wonderful option for us. You can find her recipe Here. It is seriously so easy to make and we use our ninja. (which can be purchased HERE. So whilst we have loved her base recipe, my husband tends to shake things up. So he decided to add some cashews in with our taco “meat” and it gave it a very interesting and satisfying flavor and we 86 the olives but we love raw mama raw tacos. So technically on Tuesdays we go entirely raw! GO US! So for all you out there struggling to want to switch to vegan but don’t want to give up your tacos, here you go! This one is just for you! ENJOY!


Light & Love,

Rebel B


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