What are you putting In your body?


Are you putting alkaline or acidic foods in your body?
Note: it takes 20 parts alkalinity to neutralize 1 part acidity in the body. It is important to consume at least 60% alkaline-producing foods in our diet, in order to maintain health. We need plenty of fresh fruits and particularly vegetables (alkaline-producing) to balance our necessary protein intake (acid-producing).

A surprising number and variety of physical problems and diseases can be caused by the problem of foods that are acid-producing after digestion. Today the vast majority of the populace in industrialized nations suffers from problems caused by the stress of acidosis, because both modern lifestyle and diet promote acidification of the body’s internal environment.

Dangers of an acidic state include but not limited to: headaches, depressions, weakened immune system, weakened glands and organs, constipation and digestive issues, dry skin, and risk of heart attack/stroke.

Acid-forming foods deplete the minerals in our body. Our blood and cellular fluid will become too acidic. To control this, the body will steal minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium from the bones, cartilage tissue, and muscles to create the balance. This is the beginning of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Benefits to being alkaline include and not limited to: Skin more elastic, youthful, Deeper more restful sleep, Abundant physical energy, Suffer from fewer colds, headaches, flu viruses, Good digestion, Less arthritis, Reduction of candida (yeast) overgrowth, Won’t support osteoporosis, Increased mental acuity, mental alertness, Legal natural high.

When I really think about all the benefits I’ve had since venturing on a vegan diet I’ve noticed this, my digestive issues are getting regulated, which I didn’t even acknowledge was going on for the past year or so. I have not slept better since I can remember to be honest, at least not with 2 under 3 and BOTH sleep in our bed with us currently. Having kids close together went out of one baby phase into the next. It was exhausting and it’s exciting for me to be soundly sleeping which also leads to having an abundance of energy during the day, I get what I need to get done,  I can better manage my time, when I’m doing a task I feel it’s don’t efficiently. I also suffered from chronic pain and inflammation. From the second day of switching to a raw vegan diet during a raw vegan challenge I have yet to experience pain and the daily aches I was dealing with.


See, for me I had to make a choice. Do I want to continue what I’m eating and continue to live in pain or do I want to man up and change and see what happens. FOOD IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF HEALTH. what we put in our body is EVERYTHING. So I decided to give it a whirl and after two days I haven’t gone back and I have yet to experience daily pain.

When I write this information out, I do it to help educate others. It’s hard to sacrifice the foods we love, I know but for me, it was much harder to stay in pain and feel like I was barely living. Now I’m happy, healthy and THRIVING and that’s all I want for every human on this planet.


Light & Love,

Rebel B


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