Real life

Real life: 2-Day Hiking Excursion part 1

Frog Lagoon

I want to start by apologizing, on my husbands days off this week(tues/wed), we went on a two day hiking excursion in a nearby state park. I have been delayed on getting this post up and was honestly semi avoiding it. The time we took outside was dedicated to focusing on reconnecting and testing our teamwork skills in another activity. This was an amazing way for us all to connect, especially my husband and I, to stay engaged. meanwhile being in an extremely place to uplift our spirituality, which in return connects us on a spiritual level.  I tend to get lost in nature, psychologically speaking. Well, day two got  figurative for us. I’ll be sharing cool visual bits of our little excursions which included my husband, my self, our two kids (Landon & Ella) & our dog, Callie. Ella stayed in a baby carrier the entire time and Landon walked all of the first day and probably about 85% of the next day. Thank god for Toddler Tulas. Another thing we were really excited for was getting outside, in some really beautiful weather. We basically hibernate in winter. I’m a hater of the cold, I love to watch snow through a window but man, I really dislike the cold. I was born and raised in Florida so I grew accustomed to sun kissed skin. When I turned 18, I took a solo adventure and moved to NJ (where I met my husband) and the snow was really cool at first, i had never seen snow beyond minor lurries but after spending many years here I genuinely miss Florida and beautiful sun kissed skin. So to keep us grounded and rekindle our love for jersey and just to genuinely appreciate where we live, we decided to go hiking. Luckily for us, the weather prevailed and it was JUST what we needed on so many levels.

Day 1. We decided to take the dog for a little walk at the state park nearby, it turned into a rather long but beautiful hike. This was not planned so it was definitely a reminder to follow where were being called and go with the flow. Our journey started with inhaling Frankincense essential oil to get grounded and mellow. One thing we love to help us bond and reconnect is to inhale Essential Oils together. Really gets us both on the same page and sets the vibe for the day. (Jeremy was actually putting some in his hair pictured below)



Ella does great for hikes on my back. The Tula is by far my favorite carrier for back carries, as you can see Ella enjoys it as well. Its also really easy to switch to the front for convenient nursing on the go. Personally, I think every mother should own a carrier that supports not only the child but also the mother as well. Had I not “worn” Ella through our hiking we would have never gotten through it successfully. Get a good carrier mamas and USE IT. You’ll thank me later!

day 1 nursing.PNG                                                   (This picture marks the birth of the dreads)

Mister Landon is ready to pick up the pace and find something interesting. We always try to make hidden lessons with in our daily life and adventures. Our kids love the outdoors, something not many kids do anymore. I want to keep my kids rooted with the earth and a sense of what free really means.

Callie has been loving the outdoors time and all the new things to sniff, she loves to sniff and is very particular about things she sniff. We take Callie on frequent semi long walks but its safe to say we wore her out. She slept almost all day yesterday.

callie day 12.PNG

So, as I said above we like to turn things into lessons, we threw some rocks into the creek, we went over some bridges and stumbled upon a little frog lagoon (pictured above). Landon really enjoyed seeing the big leaping frogs. Since we’ve been working on practicing Landon’s balance and jumping skills, we all hopped around like frogs and jumped real high!

Landon makes some of the funniest facial expressions so I naturally had to include one here. So that basically concludes day one. It was definitely a day filled with smiles and memories. I always left my phone home that day and disconnected from reality and reconnected to the earth. We really felt our worries cast aside and just enjoyed our journey. Luckily we didn’t get lost this time, we didn’t get so lucky on day two. Stay tuned. I’ll be working on day 2 to publish tomorrow. By the end of day 1, we were all exhausted and ready to go home and enjoy our taco Tuesday


cute landon.JPG


Light & love,

Rebel B




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