I Slip Up too…

So I need to apologize and get this off my chest. First, I have had a lack of dedication to my blog as of late, I didn’t even share day two of our hiking excursion (we’ve had a few more hiking trips since then). One reason, my husbands grandmother passed away and I’ve been focusing on spending that time with my husband. Two, I slipped up. Yes, I did. I’ve been going through a mix of emotions but as I lay here semi achy I must get this off my chest. It seemed to start with just one thing, chile relanos from our local Mexican spot, it’s technically a vegatarian meal but has a decent amount of cheese. I know I needed to slip up as a reminder but man, I cannot get the moment out of my head when I made this asinine decision. This decision has caused me to go from 75% raw vegan to slipping up multiple times after. See, I switched to a plant based diet for a multiple of reasons. One being my health. Prior to making the switch, for the 6 months prior I dealt with chronic pain and inflammation.. At 26 years old I was almost always in pain, mentally cranky and inefficient, I had minimal appetite and could easily just eat one meal a day, that’s not healthy either. So I made the switch over and by day 2 all my problems went away, I somehow was no longer in pain, I was efficient at everything I was doing and it was breezy to keep my house clean instead of feeling like I was forcing myself, my appetite soured and since it was all good and whole foods it was easily digestible which make me realize I had pretty gnarly digestive issues. Over the next almost 6 weeks I remained at a plant based diet feeling phenomenal. In this time I didn’t have many cravings, I did on the other hand begin to detox which led to a parasite die off process. During that process the cravings hit me hard, hard enough that I could taste this chile relanos, I could smell it, it was an insatiable urge to eat it.. So, I did. I knew I needed to slip up and remember why I did this. I thought it would just be one but over the next week it was multiple things. Random days only plant based and random days divulging in animal based products. So here I sit, achy and not wanting to get out of bed and I know, today is a new day and I must wake up and get myself back on track. My door to door organic grocery delivery is here so it’s the perfect day to push myself back where I want to be, back where I was the healthiest me. It seems to bother people that I’ve gone plant based and I don’t share my post or my story to piss anyone off but to share what it’s done for me and what it could possibly do for you. I strongly believe that our life, our health is effected by our diet, our diet is the key to life and what we put in our body matters. I want to live my life happy, productive and thriving. I want to be the best mother I can be for my children and for me a plant based diet allows me to do that. It allows me to keep up with my husband on semi intermediate hikes with our dog on a leash and our daughter Ella on my back. It gives me more creativity to share here with my blog and to get creative with my food. It gives me the ability to be more efficient, with my thoughts and with my actions. It has literally changed my life to switch plant based. Alot of the things I’m experiencing, I never thought I could but I’ve lived it and I can, so I know it’s imperative for my to get back on track. I know it was imperative for me to have a slip up and see the difference it made when I was plant based to consuming animal products. The most simple way to put it, the slow me down, in multiple of ways. When I woke yesterday when a horrible stomache, I knew I made a mistake.  These are the types of mistakes I love to learn from. Experience is my favorite way to learn. So many people seem to think I live this perfect life but I don’t.. I struggle and I slip up too. I’m human. We have things in the world we shouldn’t eat that are readily available, we have emotional struggles that makes us not care about what we put in our body and we just want to indulge. What I have tho? Is motivation to get back on track.

I have a friend who I can be as real as I can be with and she laughs it off and tells me we know the dangers of food, while we can laugh it off, she knows the point needs to be subtly made as a reminder of why we began this natural route in life. She doesn’t judge me or condemn me. She doesn’t go run along and share to the world that Becky messed up. She laughs and she understands and I know in that moment, I lifted her up. I made her see, I do make mistakes too and we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. We shouldn’t be so hard on each other.

So in closing, make healthy fucking choices. You won’t regret it.

Light & love,

Rebel B


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