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Real life: 2 day excursion part:2

HAPPY SUNDAY! In my last post I talked about how I slipped up. (HERE) During this slip up I felt extremely unmotivated, unproductive and ineffectient. A majority of the time when I pick up my laptop to type something up, it kind of just flows out of me but I have been so inefficient with my thoughts. Yesterday, I got back on track returning to my raw till dinner. The first time I made the switch to plant based, I didn’t have any cravings until week five. Now, I am beginning with horrible cravings. Todays cravings are pizza. This will be a hard one to fight so aside from writing this post and doing some stuff around the house, ill be attempting to figure out a vegan style pizza, if you have a suggestion feel free to drop it below.

So with all that being said, with my green juice in hand I must get back on track. Now is generally my childrens independent time. I want to assume after being cuddled all night by both my husband and I that they like the space in the morning. So this is my time to put fingers to keyboard. So I want to dive back in by going back to my unfinished post, our second day of our hiking excursion. We went to the same park but took a different trail, lots of water and we got REALLY lost. We made the best of it and at the end of the day, we were super grateful for the time outdoors and the awesome workout. So hope you enjoy!


The view was really beautiful! Lots of water and very shaded!

callie day 2 water.PNG

As always we brought our dear Callie along, she’s a great lead. She really enjoyed all the water, attempted to go swimming, drank from the fresh stream and got a little muddy. Perfect day for a dog!

hike nurisng

Our dearest Ella Mae has been nursing for almost 16 months and no sign of stopping so using a solid carrier on the go is imperative for our family. Plus without baby carriers we wouldn’t be able to enjoy hikes in general. This little girl gets distracted by every stick, leaf or rock.

we got lost.PNGand then we got lost.. This was semi nerve wracking, we are just learning what all the trail signs mean so we got rather lost. We even tried to GPS and it was no help at all since it said we were still in the park so that was at least a good sign. meanwhile…

fam hike

Both babes took naps while we carried on attempting to find our way, we felt pretty nervous in regards to wild animals, bears are often seen in this area. We actually spotted a chipmunk and a fox!  So we started back tracking… I’m sure ill get asked about our carrier types so im using the mint lace Lenny Lamb and my husband is In elephant parade in a toddler sized Tula. I am so happy we invested in a toddler tula (got it on a budget swap page on FB) when you have a tired and cranky toddler who just wants to be held and weighs 30+ pounds, a carrier saves the day. Could you imagine perfectly proportioning that weight instead of having it all distributed on one side of the body.

hiking break

Finally, Landon woke up and we took a snack and water break and carried our way on home. I really enjoy sharing our trips and adventures with all my readers so I hope you guys enjoy it as well. I hope that it inspires you to get out doors. I hope that it reminds you how beautiful our earth is and its just waiting outside your door step.

you can follow me on snapchat @Beckyb0op1022 (that first o in boop is a zero)


Light & Love,

Rebel B






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