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My baby is sick! What do I do?

The title probably kind of tricked you, My baby is sick but I do know what to do and I want to share it with you.

So I feel like being prepared is extremely important, no one wants a sick child and not a clue what to do and nothing on hand, so I wanted to share our night/morning and what we do when our children are sick. I had actually thought our son was detoxing again being as I have no idea where he got sick, he takes vitamin c daily regardless.

So before bed last night we realized Ella was warmer then usual and in the middle of the night spiked a fever, just under 103. For us, it is always treat the symptoms not the fever. She was moaning so she was obviously uncomfortable and sounded a little stuffy, so we diluted lavender down her spine and feet and busted out the GOOT!

By morning she still had a fever, I don’t generally take temperatures because you can see/feel how your child feels and with some minor knowledge figure out what to do.
We woke up (let’s be real, I was up a lot through the night paying attention on the sly) she threw up on me so we took a nice Epsom salt and lavender bath and got cleaned up. Then after the bath we applied more GOOT (which we will do every 1-2 hours and/or every diaper change, just lather that shit up. It’s amazing) GOOT is extremely easy to make and can be kept on hand! This is a staple in our home, any form of upper respiratory/congestion and we stay locked and loaded with some GOOT!By morning she also still had a fever, I don’t generally take temperatures because you can see/feel how your child feels. We also want the fever to ride out and do its job. Fevers are our bodies natural defenses to kill off sickness this is why you do not disrupt nature and let the fever do its part, within reason. Shortly, we will give her a couple drops of garlic oil to serve as a natural antibiotic. Next, we offer coconut water with vitamin C (we use this Brand as its organic whole foods and derived from wild crafted berries). We juice every morning so we offered her a nice immune boosting juice, she drank a little and fell back asleep. Through out the day we will just rest and relax (thank god daddy is home). Even tho were generally a vegan family I will still offer my daughter bone broth because we cannot refute the benefits. We will offer antioxidant and immune boosting foods like blueberries! Nurse on demand (as usual) and overall just keep this beautiful babe comfortable!

Few extra items to have and use:

nose frida

diffuser & essential oils (husband got them all loaded up while we took a bath)

chamomile tea, tincture or homeopathic tablets.

lavender essential oil

peace & calming essential oil (even tho I no longer will be purchasing from Young living, find out why Here, I still have a lot to use up)

coconut water (this is your natural pedialyte minus all the sugars and extra additives, just pure coconut water is high in potassium, b vitamins, vitamin c, keeps you cool and hydrated)

a soft Muslin blanket as your boogie blanket

skin to skin (never underestimate the power of skin to skin and thermogenics)

slamming movie choices

fresh air (we will take the dog on a walk later together to get some fresh air)

All in all, I made this post to show you sickness and fevers doesn’t have to be scary, we want our kids to get sick so they build their immune system, Ella has only been sick with a cold once in her almost 16 months so this minor illness can only benefit her blossoming immune system. Be prepared, research and know what to do when something happens. I’m personally really quick in an emergency and generally know what to do especially for minor sickness. So I really hope this helps motivate you to keep some things on hand and ready to go, just incase! Better to be prepared then rushing around trying to get things together when that time could be spent comforting and cuddling. Trust your intuition and have some confidence in yourself to handle things like colds, flus, gastrointestinal viruses, etc. Hope this helps!

Light & Love

Rebel B


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