DIY Foundation

So I guess I should begin with the last time I actually bought my Foundation


This time last year, we took a road trip vacation to see my bestfriend in Texas. During that awesome trip, my very curious almost two year old decided to go through all my makeup and dumped a lot out. I knew it needed to be replaced so my friend and I went to the store, found something that matched my face and was on my way. I wasn’t really concerned with anything other then replacing it, since I didn’t use makeup often I wasn’t really even thinking about toxins, which is funny because I always do in regards to just about everything. Let’s be real tho, all natural makeup is expensive. I really didn’t want to go MLM AT ALL. So I felt I didn’t have much options for myself.

So fast forward a year later and I’m all out of that same makeup. See, I really don’t wear it that much. So my bottle of foundation is now empty and I absolutely do not want to buy more toxic makeup and I don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on something I really don’t wear that frequent but I wanted SOMETHING.

So I got a basic idea of How to DIY this mission and what ingredients can be used, get hands on and make it work. I made a liquid foundation and a “mineral” foundation. I’m a fan of using both liquid and then applying the mineral base. I definitely started out with too much cocoa powder in the liquid foundation because once you mix in the lotion it darkens, ALOT. So this made me realize it would be easy to make a lot of different colors for those who like to contour or highlight. I’m not a fan, I probably could figure it out but I don’t find it necessary. I’ve done my makeup the same since high school give or take a few things but ALL of my makeup fits into one I’ll say medium sized zip pouch! So I definitely just currently need foundation.. I’ll probably do a few more makeup tutorials along the way.


So here we go..


Liquid foundation

2 tbsp of corn starch or arrow root powder

4tsp of cocoa powder

lotion (as needed)

so this is the basic starter recipe, the cocoa powder is your pigment. You’ll want to start out small and gradually add more. Same with the lotion, it darkens a lot when you add the lotion, so use as needed to get the right consistency. Next time around I’ll add the corn starch and the lotion and Then add the cocoa powder as needed!

I actually stored this in the old squirt container I had from my last makeup and put what I couldn’t in a sealed glass jar.


Mineral foundation

2 tbsp corn starch or arrowroot powder

6 tsp of cocoa powder

One small glass jar


mix ingredients together with a wisk in a bowl until desired color, this will take a bit more then the liquid foundation. I found 6 tsps to be about perfect for me. I have rather light skin.

I actually had a few people ask me how it looks on so I wanted to share two pictures, one outside in natural light and one inside with natural light. My face looks silly outside because it was sunny so don’t Make fun 😉

I really loved this homemade makeup, it was cheap, easy to make and easy to use. It looks clean and blends really well and leaves all my natural freckles exposed which I love. So I really feel it blends well into the skin. Plus I don’t have to be worried about toxins everytime I put face make up on, so there’s that! I’ll probably wear it more often!


I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you end up making it and using it for yourself in the comments below!


Light & Love,

Rebel B


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