My Plant Based Documentary Recommendations (Available on Netflix)


I avidly eat a plant based diet, specifically high raw plant based. Some days we are raw till dinner, some days fully raw and *gasp* sometimes we make mistakes, were human. This is why education is so important, it instills it deep within you so you make the right choices but overall making large strides of progress is the most important thing and we wouldn’t get there if it wasn’t for the loads of documentaries we watched along side research and reading studies from across the globe by utilizing Google Scholar. Google scholar is an amazing source for scientific studies, not all studies are available but some are able to be purchased. This is one of my most used sources for information as I am a person who requires thorough examination of theories and topics before quickly believing it but Documentaries help me to really retain the information as its more enticing to my mind. Lets be real, reading studies get boring and I read ALOT of them. The best part is, almost everyone has Netflix and I’m commonly asked for information on a plant based diet, tips, facts, etc and the best advice I have is to fill yourself with knowledge, google scholar and documentaries are two great ways aside from peoples personal accounts (this should NOT be your ONLY source of information) to educate yourself and make positive changes in your life. BE PROACTIVE. So here are my top five favorite documentaries in regards to foods. If you want to see more topics covered under my favorite documentaries, feel free to comment below!


1) FOOD CHOICES: Examines the worlds diet and shows food choices are the culprit for declining health, as well as the environmental effects. I love that this documentary opens with the quote: “The biggest obstacle to discover is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.” This quote has resonated within me deeply, as there is so much information out there but what is true? This documentary Is highly informative with relatable aspects and a very understandable perspective while also debunking myths surrounding foods with documented studies. This documentary supports that a plant based diet is best for short and long term health , all ages, following generations and the environment. I couldn’t imagine not seeing a different perspective on food after seeing this film.


2) FOOD MATTERS: “Let food be thy medicine.”- Hippocrates.  This documentary examines how the food we eat is helping or hurting our health and what we ourselves, can do to make a difference in how we can live and eat better. Food Matters shows how little education and training that doctors have on nutrition and how that effects are high rates of diseases, death statistics, the chance in generations in regards to foods,  how foods make it to our plate, supporting studies, agricultural facts and the involvement of chemical companies, environmental factors and so much more. I found this film extremely knowledgeable and covering so many imperative topics. This film also supports a High raw plant based diet. “You are what you eat”- says basically everyone.

forks over knives

3)Forks Over Knives: Based on the research of Two food based scientist, the popularity of processed foods and animal products has led to the epidemic rates of serious diseases and ailments. This film covers over the information from the book ‘The China Study’. It goes over the rates and causes of Diabetes, Bone disease, Prostate cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Diabetes in children, High Blood Pressure, etc. This is another documentary that goes over the environmental aspects of an animal based diet and agriculture. This is a catchy, outright and blunt film to show you the obvious effects that the SAD (standard American diet) diet has had on Americans and the vast amount of people over medicated and lacking vitamins and nutrients. It documents multiple peoples accounts converting to a plant based diet to see if they could improve their quality of life. This film is a must watch.  This film thoroughly shows the way we feed ourselves is the most important thing in life. This was one of my very first “food based” documentary and I’m so happy it was because it grasped my attention and taught me a lot and showed me more of a direction I wanted my diet to go in. I did not switch plant based overnight, it takes ALOT of knowledge, determination and commitment.


4) Vegucated: This film follows three meat and cheese loving Americans that live in New York who agree to adopt a vegan diet for 6 weeks in an experimental documentary. So I’m kind of against a “vegan” diet because its not centered solely on plants and still involves a lot of processed food which should be entirely avoided BUT taking three meat and cheese lovers, challenging them to completely stop and make a switch to a vegan diet for 6 weeks AND learn about veganism was phenomenal and eye opening to this mistreatment and torture of animals and how a lot of our standards including organic are not exactly what we think it is and are very deceiving marketing terms. Watching three peoples emotional effects on seeing it with their own eyes is extremely tear jerking so grab some tissues for this one and turn on your empathy and compassion for ALL beings.


5) FOOD INC. : This documentary exposes the food industry and companies, brings forth the truth that every American should know about industrialized food and what we put into our bodies. This is another film that goes over not only the health effects on humans but also, the treatment of farmers, the mistreatment of animals and the environmental effects. I cannot imagine watching this and not seeing that there is something truly wrong in the food industry. This is mass production of food and animals, including the horrible mistreatment of animals. These are things we must know to start making a difference in the world, we cannot just worry about human beings but worry about all things that live, breathe and feel on this earth and treat them with the same compassion we would our neighbor.

From nature with love.

I greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to not just read this blog but also watch these documentaries and be proactive and make adequate changes for their health, their lives and their families. Eating a plant based diet goes so deep for me, not just for healing but also for raising conscious eaters, making a positive impact on the environment of our planet which is in a steady and fast decline and demanding better options & standards by voting with my wallet. I always highly recommend utilizing local farms or organizations like Door To Door Organics. Going plant based is one of the absolute best things you can do for your body and there is so much scientific studies to match. Thank you so much for reading and please don’t forget to like, subscribe and share!


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