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Raw Vegan Ranch

raw ranch

Hi all! I’m so stoked to finally have what I’m calling my perfect raw vegan ranch. Some of you may laugh at this but Ive never even tried ranch. The smell of it can make me vomit. I cant even bear to watch people eat it. Its just always been a condiment I stayed far away from. Thankfully, for this adaption to a High Raw Plant based lifestyle, my palette has changed.. I’ve always been a picky eater and for some reason, the change to this diet has opened me up to try new things. Which is a HUGE step for me.

So lets take a quick flash back to our recent road trip to Michigan to see our wonderful friends Brittani & Rob. There was a restaurant called ‘Detriot Vegan Soul’ about a half hour away from them but decided to give it a try. I mean helloooo vegan soul food, is there even an option to say no? No, there isnt. This restaurant is also 100% plant based so it was right up our alley and aligned with our views on the foods we consumed. We ordered so much food But Brittani had gotten Ranch so I was like what the heck, ill give It a try. Idk if I’ve been missing out my whole life or if this soul food spot just was on point with their creation. The food was so phenomenal we ended up ordering again. lol. If you are ever in the Detroit downtown area, give it a try. you wont regret it.

Now lets fast forward again, I come home just craving this ranch. I even went to the extent of reviewing them on Facebook to try and get Their recipe. Sorry not sorry. I’ve been desiring this ranch daily. They never replied, tisk tisk but still love them and I never got my recipe.

So I had to take matters into my own hands and get to experimenting, so I started off with a raw vegan recipe from an ebook I already had. This was really good but still not D.V.S worthy. So I started scouring recipes, of course never found the one but got a lot of ideas on what to do so you get my very own created recipe. I actually create a lot of recipes myself, I almost never actually follow a recipe to a T but I rarely ever document them. My husband, Jeremy and I have been discussing writing a raw plant based recipe ebook together so this is beginning to make us more conscious about writing things down. I also Run a raw/plant based group on Facebook so I had quite a few people request the recipe. So here goes, we can call this a little sample of our ebook.



2 cup raw cashews (soaked & rinsed)

1/2 cup lemon juice (I do fresh squeezed)

roughly one cup of water

1-1/2 tbsp. Dill

2tsp onion powder

2-3 cloves of garlic

bout 1/4-1/2 cup of nutritional yeast

4 tbsp Maple Syrup

2-3 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar


Soak cashews for roughly six hours in water. once finished, rinse and add to blender with everything BUT the water. Begin blending on your highest blender setting and slowly add water until you get a consistency you desire. I personally like it creamy but a little thick so its easy to use with veggie dippers so that depends on your personal preference. When it finishes blending, I add to a glass jar and keep it in the fridge. The flavor will alter a little after being refrigerated but its better, in my opinion. You can also taste while blending and add spices as needed. Be careful tho, you don’t want to add too much onion or garlic.

Hope you enjoy,

Mrs. Medicinal


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